#ValleyFire Update

Dear Beloved Church Family, There is wonderful news regard the [NAME NOT PUBLISHED]'s family. “We are doing ok, our whole family is together desperately searching for a home. ..." [This Sabbath the Middletown church will be meeting outdoors on their property as the Red Cross is using their facility and sanctuary as a shelter for volunteers.] The activities on Sabbath will be behind the church sanctuary. Please don’t use the church building as there will be individual sleeping inside. We will use the restrooms at the school. Elder and Mrs Pedersen, with Stephanie Leal, Julie Lorenz, Jeff Klam, and Ed Fargussen came up to visit our Middletown church today. I had just finished up a special time with MAS Students, as we lowered our flag at half mast in honor of Bruce Burns. Debi Pedersen brought a cake in honor of [Middletown Adventist School Principal] Lottie’s birthday, and was enough for all the students to have a snack together. What a thoughtful gesture. Lottie shared that they had root beer floats yesterday which Lynal Ingham, our education associate superintendent, brought up. ... met with [NCC Risk Management Director] Jeff Klam and inspected the property together, and I am sure by now more than one of you have been called to help with some of the projects on our campus. We were given a tour by the Red Cross of part of our church and fellowship hall, and had to keep our voices down as there were some sleeping, because they had volunteered for the night shift. There are volunteers that have come from all over the United States, and it is very interesting to get acquainted with them and to thank them for leaving their homes to share with our communities. ... Tonight the updated numbers of structures destroyed in the Valley Fire from Cal Fire: 1,910 with 76,067 acres burned and 82% contained this evening. 

The above message was taken from nccsda.com from  a post on September 23rd, 2015. [For privacy concerns, some names are not published] 

Check out this video for more details on the Adventist Church Center and the services it's providing!