Wildfire in Alberta, Canada

UPDATE: May 18, 2016

ADRA Canada & Adventist Community Services teams have been busy working with a number of local church leaders. The Edmonton South SDA Church is the primary responder in Edmonton and they collected items from around the city which was delivered to those affected by the wild fires.

The teams also met with the students at the Chinook Winds Academy in Calgary and thanked them for all their help with donations and support of their neighbors who are experiencing crisis. The Galgary Bridgeland SDA Church donated supplies for the survivors.

The operation of a warehouse should be finalized today. The warehouse will hold the donated goods that will be made available to groups that run Emergency Distribution Centers that provides the items to meet the immediate needs of individuals and families.

Please continue to pray for the personnel and volunteers as they continue to serve and help those affected. 

May 6, 2016

ADRA Canada and the Alberta Conference Adventist Community Services (ACS) are offering assistance to those affected by the Fort McMurray fires. ADRA Canada and the Alberta Conference ACS joined together a few years ago to purchase a disaster response vehicle/trailer. That vehicle has been filled with supplies which will be delivered to those affected by this disaster. Local Alberta Conference churches will be providing volunteers. Local families have also opened their homes to the displaced. ADRA Canada has also partnered with GlobalMedic to send hygiene kits containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and a towel to 2,000 people. Assistance from the Alberta Conference ACS and ADRA Canada will continue in the upcoming days.” 

 "We have received confirmation from individuals who were able to drive by the Fort McMurray Seventh-day Adventist Church that it appears to be intact.  We continue to monitor reports regarding the well being of our Adventist families in the community and the condition of their homes. We will share more information when it is available." - Lyle Notice, ADRA/Adventist Community Services Disaster Response Alberta Conference

Here are some quick points.

·      The fire is still raging in Fort McMurray
·      88,000 people have been evacuated
·      Many residents have lost homes
·      Most residents have been evacuated and have been relocated to the city of Edmonton, with several hundred more displaced victims being directed there later today.
·      There is a reception center in place at Northlands
·      Edmonton South Church has also opened up its doors to displaced victims and are hosting several families
·      As for our immediate response the ADRA Trailer will be headed with several volunteers to Northlands and Edmonton South Church today to drop off care kits, sleeping bags, pillows and water
·      Northlands Reception Center will be heavily in need of pillows, bedding/sleeping bags, baby formula care kits. If you have any of these items please direct them to the Edmonton South Church
·      ADRA and Alberta Adventist Community Services will be more heavily involved with many volunteers in the Short Term Post Disaster Recovery Phase, this will be several days after the fire has stopped and it is safe to enter the disaster zone.

To financially support the relief efforts in Fort McMurray through the Adventist church you may do so using the following options:
Option #1: Adventist Giving
Donate using Adventist Giving: www.albertaadventist.ca/online-giving.  Designate funds to: AB Disaster Relief

Option #2: ADRA Canada
Visit www.adra.ca and donate online.

Please pray for all the displaced people and families along with the relief personnel  and volunteers.

ACS Mobile Unit Respond to Flooding in Louisiana

May 02, 2016 - Update

The ARKLA Adventist Community Services (ACS) Mobile Unit has been going out almost every weekend since the floods began in March of this year. There are over 35.000 families affected by this crisis. Dedicated volunteers have been distributing school kits, personal care kits, blankets, food boxes and clean up kits to survivors. On April 25, a multi-agency warehouse was open in Monroe, LA, to serve a 12 parish region. This area has been flooded four times already since the flooding occurred. On April 29, the team was in Amite, LA, serving over 100 families. For more information: contact acshelp4u@yahoo.com

Metairie Spanish Pathfinder Club help unload Mobile Unit

Metairie Spanish Pathfinder Club help unload Mobile Unit

March 23, 2016 - Update

The ARKLA Adventist Community Services  mobile unit is going out this weekend.   The team will be distributing blankets, personal care kits, clean-up kits and food boxes will be in two locations in southern Louisiana- Franklinton and Bogalusa - where 550 homes damages. 

March 19, 2016 - Arkansas-Louisiana Area

Adventist Community Services Disaster Response has been asked to bring in a mobile unit to serve areas where survivors can't get supplies. Besides the families that are displaced, there are 3,500 to 4,500 homes that have been damaged with a couple of inches to several feet of water. 

The ACS Disaster Response have been busy checking out the areas the state has asked us to set up our mobile unit to pass out food, clothes, flood buckets, etc. 

Rescuing and evacuations are on-going and waiting for water to recede in the areas hardest hit with flood waters.  There are families still in shelters waiting to go home. More rain is expected later this week and next week.

Items are needed for the mobile unit. Looking to help?  Monitory donation to the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference office ear-mark ARKLA ACS DR. 

Report by: Lavida Whitson, ARK-LA Adventist Community Services Director

REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School

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9.5 Tons of Supplies Provided for Ecuador Earthquake

Over 40 dedicated volunteers with the Adventist Community Services of Queens Spanish, which is based in Corona, Queens, have organized the community to donate and help box supplies to send to Ecuador. So far they have collected about six tons of food, one ton of dry pet food, and over 600 cases of water.

Click here to see more information

Flooding Crisis in Houston, TX

UPDATE - April 24, 2016
Adventist Community Services volunteers served emergency supplies to 662 Houston flood survivors over the weekend.  Clean up buckets, clothing packs, personal care kits, blankets, diapers and other items were distributed in three locations around Houston.  

April 20, 2015
Massive flooding in Houston resulted by 10 - 18 inches of rain. The Adventist Community Services (ACS) Disaster Response team located a warehouse that will accept and provide donated goods to flood survivors in the Southwest Region.  Linda Walker, Southwest Region ACS Disaster Relief assistant, will be leading out in that operation. Texas Conference will be taking the Mobile Distribution Unit (a semi filled with prepackaged clothing outfits, personal care kits, clean up kits, blankets and sheets) to Houston and distributing emergency supplies to the flood survivors including many non-insured residents. The Master Guide Club members in Houston will also assist the various ACS operations.

Please pray for the volunteers and ACS team as they serve communities in Christ's name. 

ACS Disaster Response Leaders serve Flooding Disasters Families

March 18, 2016 - The Texas Adventist Community Services (ACS) Mobile Unit has been in Bon Wier and Newton, Texas where dedicated volunteers have been assisting flood survivors. They distributed pre-packaged clothing outfits, personal care kits, blankets, sheets, and clean up kits. About 1,000 survivors are expected to receive services from ACS and other non-profit organizations. Flood waters are still rising in Orange, TX, and expected to crest next Wednesday. It will take several days for the flood waters to recede. 

March 19, 2016 - Texas Adventist Community Services Mobile Distribution was stationed in Deweyville,Texas. A great group of volunteers are there to assist those who lost so much in the flood. They are distributing pre-packaged clothing outfits, personal care kits, blankets, sheets, and flood buckets (filled with cleaning supplies).
Report by: Sherry Watts, Texas Adventist Community Services


Cimarron & Tina Borland's Horse Ministry

     My children and I help the neighbor with her mini horse farm. Every year, the horses have babies and my daughters and I help halter and lead rope train them, and get them used to being handled. In 2008, a little colt was born and we happened to come to the barn about 15 minutes after the birth occurred. I entered the stall and gently approached Lacey, the mom, and the baby. He was dark brown and white, and he nosed us as we pet him. I fell in love with the little guy so my husband and the owner, Karen Johnson, presented the colt to me as a gift. I prayed that God would bless my gift and show me what to do with him. I had a dream that I took him to a nursing home. So the next day, I called the nearest nursing home to see if they would be interested and they loved the idea. My daughter Kellie, and I started to train Cimarron for his new job.

     October 9, 2009 was our first unscheduled visit to the nursing home. We walked down the back hall and put him on the elevator to the offices on the first floor. I said a prayer as we walked up to an aide who was pushing a woman in a wheelchair, unable to predict if Cimarron was ready for the residents. Cimarron walked right up to Patty in her wheelchair, and laid his head in her lap. He let out a sigh as her hands wildly wiped over his eyes, and all my worries were wiped away as I watched God’s love show through His tiny horse and as Patty freely accepted His gift. Cimarron visited everyone with a quiet greeting of love. Some residents hugged him, while others cried, as I watched with wonder. It's a small thing to share, but the love that God showed through this horse was amazing!  

     We have taken Cimarron all over Erie county in Pennsylvania. Cimarron gives children rides at the fair and the money donated is given to the Erie SDA church's community project. As Cimarron got noticed, people began to ask for him for birthday parties. The proceeds would be turned into the church except for $50 from each event would be set aside for Cimarron’s needs, such as halters, a saddle or anything he needed for the horse ministry.

You can't explain the feeling you get when you see the love that is exchanged by the horse and visitor. God's love is amazing!  - Shared by Tina Borland

Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan

Warehouse holding palates of water for distribution at Fairhaven & Eternal Life Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Warehouse holding palates of water for distribution at Fairhaven & Eternal Life Seventh-day Adventist Churches

The switch of water supply from Lake Huron to Flint River caused a disaster for the residents in Flint, Michigan. The Flint River toxic water corroded the pipes which caused lead to leak into the water supply. Numerous people have become sick.  Lake Region Conference Adventist Community Services with the help of members at Fairhaven and Eternal Life SDA Churches is responding by distributing water bottles to people who are affected by the water crisis. The youth are putting water analysis testing kits together and adults are giving out water filters.


Currently the Seventh-day Adventists church members in Flint are distributing approximately 10 pallets of water a week and will continue to do so for the next 5 months until the new water-lines are in place. The water in Flint cannot be used for drinking, bathing or cooking.   Please send monetary donations to the Michigan Conference at 320 W St Joseph Hwy, Lansing MI 48933, and marked Flint Water Crisis.   Please contact Debra Davis-Moody, Lake Region ACS Disaster Response Director at Fairhaven SDA Church (612-229-1676) or by email: dmoody@lakeregionsda.org for water donations or to volunteer.

The American Red Cross is taking charge of putting together 80,000 water testing kits which is the only job children under 18 are allowed to do (Pathfinders & Youth Groups).  11,000 have been made so they need a lot of help.

The Volunteer Reception Center is within the American Red Cross Headquarters and is in desperate need of volunteers for Data Entry, water distribution and filter distribution at the five Flint Fire Departments.  Please consider this volunteer opportunity.  You can volunteer by calling the community service phone number 211.

Please pray for the volunteers who are trying to meet the needs of the community who are in need of drinking water.

Disaster Response from Alabama Tornado

     South Central Conference Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACS DR) team is on the ground working the aftermath of the December 25th tornado that hit the southwest area of Birmingham in Jefferson County, AL. The team is being led by Veronica Edwards-Johnson who is the Central AL ACS DR Coordinator. The team is working from the Volunteer Reception Center that is set up at Hopewell Baptist Church, Birmingham. They have been distributing clean-up buckets, hygiene kits, food and water. They have also been in the community providing these services as well.
     "The North Mississippi ACS DR Coordinator, Barbara Ware has been in discussions with local EMA officials in several counties and was told local churches were handling distributions. I've encouraged her to rally her team members an work alongside these different congregations to help provide assistance where needed. We covet your prayers and know that you are praying for us daily." - Barbara Barnes & Lillie Buckingham - Adventist Community Services/SCC

You can see updates on Facebook: Adventist Community Services South Central Conference


ACS DR team providing service on Christmas day following the disaster.

ACS DR team providing service on Christmas day following the disaster.

Stocking snacks to serve survivors and volunteers

Stocking snacks to serve survivors and volunteers

Tornadoes causes multiple fatalities in North Texas

Update Jan 1, 2016

The ACS DR Collection/Distribution Center, located at Granger Recreation Center, in Garland, TX has been busy serving the survivors of the recent tornadoes in North Texas.  Monique Monroe, Dallas Area ACS DR Coordinator, is managing the operation.  Supplies are arriving, being sorted, and distributed to the survivors coming in.

We have had ACS volunteers from many of our local churches, and one church has been collecting needed items and delivering them to the center.  Over 1100 home were either destroyed or majorly damaged, so there is great need.  

Thank you for your support and prayers. - Sherry Watts, ACS Asst. Director Texas Conference

Dec 27, 2015

Multiple tornadoes that passed through parts of Texas this past weekend left 30,000 people without power. Around 600 buildings were destroyed or damage and several fatalities. 

Garland Faith Community Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1702 E Centerville Rd, Garland, TX 75041, will be the operational headquarters for Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACS DR) for the response to the tornadoes in the area.

They are assembling some clean up kits to distribute to the affected families. Many home have damage and cleaning supplies are in great demand. Volunteers are also needed to help in the effort.

Supplies Needed: bleach, scouring pads, sponges (assorted sizes), scrub brushes, cleaning towels (reusable), laundry detergent, household cleaners (i.e., pine sol, 409), dish soap, dust masks, latex & non latex gloves, work gloves, heavy duty trash bags, large tarps, brooms, mops, mop buckets, and paper towels.

Monetary donations may be sent to: Texas ACS, PO Box 35, Keene, TX 76959

Let's remember the people affected by this unfortunate disaster in our prayers. 

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PHOTO CREDIT: G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News

UPDATE: 12-29-15 - 

The morning following the Dallas area tornados, Pastor Dennis Austin of the Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church posted on Facebook the need for cleaning supplies for the survivors. Supplies were soon collected and delivered to the Garland Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church for distribution. 

Items being prepared for distribution at Garland Seventh-day Adventist Church - Mark Miosi

Items being prepared for distribution at Garland Seventh-day Adventist Church - Mark Miosi

Van loaded with donations outside Joshua Church - Harold Smith

Van loaded with donations outside Joshua Church - Harold Smith

Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACS DR) has been asked to operate the donations management for both the Garland and Rowlett tornado responses.  They will be one operation serving both cities. Possible locations are being checked out to determine the best location and facility.   

Additional supplies (clean up kits, mold inhibitor, and toilet paper) from the ACS DR Depot in Keene, TX will be delivered to the Garland Faith SDA Church tomorrow morning for immediate distribution - Sherry Watts, ACS DR Asst. Director Texas Conference