Hope for Humanity is all about every member engagement. As a ministry of Adventist Community Services Hope for Humanity helps fund and support the engagement of Adventist Congregations and their members in humanitarian and community initiatives that bring hope and wholeness to the people with whom they interface.

There are three clusters of ideas that shape the Hope for Humanity mission:

·      First is the traditional Ingathering program which has existed for over 100 years and continues with great enthusiasm among significant numbers of our churches, and which Hope for Humanity continues to fully support and encourage. Ingathering Resource Tools

Partners In Mission literacy program in El Salvador video

·      Next is crowdfunding that Hope for Humanity uses to empower church congregations and organizations to raise money for the causes and programs that engages our members in serving their communities. Crowdfunding is a 21st century method of raising money by creating simple donation websites that communicate and raise money for your projects utilizing the various avenues of social media. Let us work with you to create your own crowdfunding donation website.

·      Third is a new initiative we call “My Gift for Jesus”.