ACS Grant Applications


ACS Seed Grants are awarded to ACS programs and are intended to encourage innovation and increased humanitarian service in the community. Eligible ACS programs must be associated with one or more local Adventist Churches. See more in the ACS Seed Grant Brochure.

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ACS Seed Grant Brochure (Spanish)

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ACS Seed Grant Brochure

Application Description

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Types of ACS Projects Eligible for Grants:

Relief: Involves directly supplying food, clothing, or housing to someone in urgent need.

Individual Development: Includes transformational ministries that empower a person to improve physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, or social status.

Community Development: Renews the building blocks of a healthy community, such as housing, jobs, health care, and education.

Structural Change: Means transforming unfair political, economic, environmental, or cultural institutions and systems.