Understanding and Implementing Fundraising: PSI Essential Principles and Practical Applications

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Course Summary

This Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) course focuses on understanding the current best practices in fundraising for pastors, churches and their organizations and projects. The content is based on solid principles that are both biblically based and reflect today’s requirements for success

What do I need to know?

Students in this course will review information on course pages, read sections in the course textbooks, watch online videos, and take quizzes online.

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Understand and share the Biblical base for fundraising. Be able to develop a case for support and customize it for diverse donors. Identify what donors are available and how they should be approached. Learn to use the various tools for fundraising, from social media to personal invitations to give. Put in place necessary infrastructures for good tracking, reporting and donor relations. Be able to implement the appropriate campaign to meet needs. Understand difference in giving, cultural and faith-based as well as those outside of the Church constituents. Develop, implement and monitor a good plan for fundraising. Understand the relationship between stewardship and fundraising. Know what additional resources are available for information and counsel.

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

Dan Jackson, President of the North American Division
Ivan Williams, Director of the Ministerial Department of the North American Division.

Module 2: The Value of Fundraising

Tom Lemon, Vice President of General Conference
Ed Barnett, President of the Rocky Mountain Conference

Module 3: The Relationship of Stewardship to Fundraising

Larry Evans, DMin, Assistant to the General Conference President for Special Needs Ministries
Roland Hill, Pastor in the Allegheny East Conference

Module 4: Who Gives, For What, & Why?

David P. King, MDiv, PhD, is the Karen Lake Buttrey Director of Lake Institute on Faith and Giving and an Assistant Professor of Philanthropic Studies, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Indiana University

Module 5: Why Raise Funds?

Nikolaus Satelmajer, currently retired, has served as Associate Ministerial Director in the General Conference
Marlon Reid, MDiv, a pastor in the Lake Region Conference

Module 6: Fundraising Campaigns and How to Make a Case for Funding

Michael Brown, MBA, Associate Director of Philanthropic Service for Institutions
Janice Da Silva, Esq., is Associate Director of Planned Giving and Development Department of the Greater New York Conference
Fred Batten, Jr., DMin, pastor in the South Central Conference

Module 7: Identifying YOUR Possible Prospects and Donors

Sung Kwon, PhD, Executive Director of Adventist Community Service for the North American Division
Vinh Nguyen, pastor in the Southern California Conference
Steve Dickman, President and General Business Manager, Harbert Hills Academy in Savannah, Tennessee. Also serving as President of Adventist Laymen's Services and Institutions

Module 8: The Fundraising Toolbox-Strategies and Techniques

Dennis N. Carlson, D.Min., is a consultant on fundraising and leadership
Thea Walker, MBA, is the Executive Director of DCT liveWell
Paul Hopkins, Associate Director at PSI

Module 9: Planning for Fundraising

Halvard Thomsen, DMin, currently retired, has served as Assistant to the President of the North American Division
Dan Serns, pastor in the Texas Conference
Carmelo Mercado, General Vice President of the Lake Union Conference

Module 10: Building the Fundraising Team

Ken Wiebe, President of the Alberta Conference, DMin, currently retired, has served as Assistant to the President of the North American Division
Alphonce J Brown, Jr, ACFRE, is President of Docere Consulting, Inc. and former chair of the Association of Fundraising professionals (AFP)

Module 11: The Supporting Elements for Fundraising: Reports, Database Management, Policies, Legal Aspects of Fundraising

Kristin Priest, CFRE, Senior Consultant for Pursuant
Karnik Doukmetzian, Esq, is General Counsel for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Elias Zabala, MPT, MBA, President of the New York Conference
Lorena Hernandez, Senior Office Assistant at Philanthropic Service for Institutions

Module 12: Donor and Member Relations and Recognition

Mark Lindemann, Client Services Coordinator at PSI
Kermit Netteburg, PhD, retired pastor and former Assistant to the President for Communication in the North American Division
Jerry Arnold, DMin, founding pastor of the Collegedale Community Church in Collegedale, Tennessee

Module 13: The Capital Campaign

Franklin David, founding pastor of the Southern Asian Church in the Potomac Conference
Volodymyr Grinchenko, is a pastor in the Chesapeake Conference.

Module 14: Ethics and Fundraising Accountability

Lilya Wagner, EdD, CFRE, Director of PSI
Harold L. Lee, DMin, retired pastor and former President and Executive Secretary of the Columbia Union Conference
Gerald Mobley, is a pastor in the Carolina Conference

Module 15: The Finance of Fundraising

Ed Sharpe, Treasurer of the Maritime Conference
Randy Fox, Business Manager at PSI
Tom Evans, CPA, Treasurer of the North American Division

Module 16: Using a Consultant

Michael Brown, MBA, Associate Director of PSI

Module 17: Identity-Based-Fundraising-Cultural Influence on Giving

Lilya Wagner, EdD, CFRE, Director of PSI
Fonny Oei, Campaigns Director for Loma Linda University Health

Module 18: Overcoming Prejudices, Negative Attitudes and Reluctance to Raise Funds

Charlotte Henderson, CFRE, Director of Development, Napa Christian Campus of Education
Phil Bond, Director of Development and Planned Giving for the Florida Conference

Module 19: The Benefits of Generosity

Halvard Thomsen, DMin, currently retired, has served as Assistant to the President of the North American Division
John Mathews, DMin, CSPG, Director of Stewardship Department of the NAD