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The NAD-sponsored Conference presents a unique opportunity for development officers, leaders, administrators, and pastors who are actively engaged in seeking financial support through fundraising. Topics for workshops, sessions, and forums include: Fundamentals of Fundraising; Digital Fundraising; Board & CEO Giving; Free One-to-One Consultation with Experts; Networking; Strategic Donor Retention; Generational Giving; and more. Visit to secure the Early-Bird Rate, Group Discounts, and a low-cost room for $135.


Understanding and Implementing Fundraising: PSI Essential Principles and Practical Applications

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Course Summary

This Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) course focuses on understanding the current best practices in fundraising for pastors, churches and their organizations and projects. The content is based on solid principles that are both biblically based and reflect today’s requirements for success

What do I need to know?

Students in this course will review information on course pages, read sections in the course textbooks, watch online videos, and take quizzes online.

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Understand and share the Biblical base for fundraising. Be able to develop a case for support and customize it for diverse donors. Identify what donors are available and how they should be approached. Learn to use the various tools for fundraising, from social media to personal invitations to give. Put in place necessary infrastructures for good tracking, reporting and donor relations. Be able to implement the appropriate campaign to meet needs. Understand difference in giving, cultural and faith-based as well as those outside of the Church constituents. Develop, implement and monitor a good plan for fundraising. Understand the relationship between stewardship and fundraising. Know what additional resources are available for information and counsel.

PSI Course Modules