Community Development Books

Ministries of Compassion:
2nd Edition

Adventist Community Services

Transforming the City: Reframing Education for Urban Ministry
E. Villafane, B. Jackson, R. & A. Evans

Developing a Vision for Ministry: In the 21st Century
Aubrey Malphurs (

Successful Fundraising: A Guide for Local Churches
Lilya Wagner  & Nikolaus Satelmajer  (

More Fundraising Books

Burst the Bubble: Finding Your Passion for Community Outreach
Sung K. Kwon


Older Adults Books

Older Adult Ministry
Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.

Aging and Ministry: In the 21st Century
Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.

Adult Ministries:
Ministries that Help Adults Love God and Neighbor

Richard H. Gentzler, Jr., Bill Lizor, and Debra Smith

Disaster Response Books

A Ready Hope:
Effective Disaster Ministry for Congregations

Kathryn M. Haueisen and Carol H. Flores

When Disaster Strikes: A Step-by-Step Guide for Public Information Officers
Monte Sahlin and Marilyn Thomsen

Emotional & Spiritual Care

Crisis Care Ministry
Martin W. Feldbush, Steven A. Willsey, and Sung K. Kwon