Sharing the Good News DVD
 This 5-part series explores effective ways to
 live the gospel in this century.
 Kwon uses biblical principles to discuss social
 justice and Christian social responsibility.
 Sung encourages Christians to expand their
 thinking beyond relief work to include
 community development.

  Transforming the City DVD
  "To effectively lead our churches to
  serve our communities in an ever
  changing society, it is necessary to
  stay equipped with innovative
  leadership skills that will make us
  most successful.

  The Pastor's DVD Volume 17
  Compassion Ministry

  This DVD talks about getting involved
  in the community, being the "salt" of the
  earth, and finding what resources the local
  congregation has in meeting those needs
  and implementing a plan for commuity
  visit www.adventstsource.org to get your copy.

Introduction to Disaster Preparedness Video or you can purchase it from AdventSource.org
Adventist Urban Congress 2009 VIDEOS