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ALABAMA TORNADO - January 24, 2012
Alabama was hit yet again by another wave of tornadic activity within a year!  The most alarming part of this disaster is that it occurred during the pre-dawn hours of Monday January 24, 2012 when many were still asleep and aroused by sounds of sirens that alerted area residents to retreat to a safe place.  Two people were killed in Jefferson County, Alabama. One of the men killed was a survivor of the Oak Grove twister that hit in April 2011. Residents of Oak Grove were hit particularly hard again with Monday’s tornado. Although only two lives were lost these were two too many. There were many people displaced as a result of this disaster.  
For the South Central Conference the closest church is the Hillsview SDA Church.  The basement of the church has been turned into a distribution center.  The site is managed and staffed by the Central Alabama ACS Federation in South Central Conference.   Those affected by the disaster have been taking advantage of the kindness of the ACS and Disaster response staff. 
Information for Distribution Center: Hillsview SDA Church; 264 Roebuck Dr; Birmingham, AL 35214; Distribution Manager Veronica Edwards-Johnson; 205-833-0091
The distribution site not only distributes donations from its fixed site, but it is also providing mobile distribution to the affected areas.

The warehouse facility used during the Alabama April 27, 2011 tornadoes in Birmingham continues to be used for the recent January 24, 2012 tornado. Wayne Blanding is the site manager.

Story credits:
Pastor Juleun A. Johnson, Pastor; Hillsview SDA Church - Birmingham, AL 35215
Barbara R. Barnes, Co-Director; ACS/South Central Conference