Through the grace of Christ
we may accomplish
everything that God requires.

~Christ's Object Lessons, p. 301

Adventist Urban Congress Videos

Baker, Carla - Director, NAD Women's Ministry - A Ministry for Every Woman

Black, James - Coming Out of the Box

Black, James - Inspiring Young Minds

Botting, Gordon - Director, Community Services Northern California Conference

Cheatham, Charles - President, Allegheny East Conference

Clouzet, Ron - Director, NAD Evangelism Institute

Colon, Gaspar - Holistic Minstry Theological Concepts

Colon, May-Ellen - Asst. Director, GC Sabbath School/Personal Ministries

Cruz, Manny - Associate Director, NAD Youth Ministries

Disaster Response Hurricane Sandy Video

Dubs, Mary Jo - Director, Women's Ministries, Georgia-Cumberland Conference

Goddard, Kathy - Former Associate Director, Kids in Discipleship

Guttschuss, Heidi - NAD Office of Adventist-Muslin Relations

Holley, Leighton - President, Texas Conference

Houser, Cleveland - Executive Director, Don't Follow Me

Johnson, Alfred - Director, NAD Adult Ministries

Jordache, Costin - Senior Pastor, Dallas First SDA Church

Kwon, Sung - Executive Director, NAD Adventist Community Servies

Lundquist, Benjamin - Youth Pastor, Camelback SDA Church

Oliver, Willie - Director, GC Family Ministries

Palacious, Ricardo - Senior Pastor, Richardson Spanish Spring Valley SDA Company

Plantak, Zack - Chariman, WAU Department of Religion

Rojas, Jose - Director, NAD Volunteer Ministries

Seiler, Ricky & Fleming, Diana - Lifestyle Center of America

VanDenburgh, Erik - Youth Director, Arizona Conference

Walker, Linda - ACS DR Coordinator, Southwest Region Conference

Warden, Ivan - Associate Director, Ellen G. White Estate

Washington, Phyllis - Director, NAD Children's Ministries

Watts, Joe - Director, NAD ACS Disaster Response

Williams, DeWitt - Former Director, NAD Health Ministries