Today ACS Doubles Your Power to Change a Life!

This holiday season, every gift made – up to $100,000 – will be matched dollar for dollar by NAD Adventist Community Services (ACS), doubling your power to make a difference in Alaska. ACT NOW.

Every day, kids in Alaska Native villages face enormous challenges. One in five experience food insecurity. Sexual abuse among Alaskan children is 6x the national average, while substance abuse and suicide rates top the nation among the young. 

With your support, safe spaces and programs can be a priority for Arctic Missions (AMA) to champion Alaska Native children through these extreme challenges.  ACS is partnering with AMA to support two very important programs:
After-School Meals & Vacation Bible School.
and Send a Kid to Native Camp

Your tax-deductible gift will be doubled up to $100,000.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to impact kids who need to feel safe to be a kid again. Give today!  Please forward this email to a friend who cares as much about Alaska Native kids as you do. With your help, we can provide safe spaces and programs for kids in need.

Visit for more information on Alaska Mission Ministry.